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New articles :

Farewell to customer service - The automated self-service center.

The 2006 Merchant Global Benchmarking report (this trend setting study on its 12th year will continue be influential in spotting new trends in technology & management practices).

"EBITDA-CAC"- Customer Service key role in improving Corporate performance.

"The Flawed Business Model- How Customer-Wallet Focus took over from Customer Focus".

The Sad anecdote from Dell Help D in India

Soviet Style Call Centre Management

The growing pains of India's Contact Centre Industry 

First Call Resolution -an introduction to Quality Management

The Myth of Customer Loyalty & Customer Retention. Article

Real Life experiences in moving to IP Telephony. ( Source CIO Magazine).

 The Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report - take part and get a better idea of where you stand. You can get pdf file here.

Myth & Reality of ROI's in Call Centre Investments.

 SA Call Centre Industry Overview - a powerful  presentation by Rod Jones on May 11th  at CCNG Yearly Awards Dinner

 Offshore Outsourcing of Call Centers by Rob O’Malley 

 Value Creation in Call Centers

 British Airways - Customer Service at its worst

Strategic Leadership Practices for your Call Center

  The Death of Call Quality Monitoring. How quality lost its meaning

Unions & Call Recording. Benefits of Call Recording

Why Customer Service Fails.

Monitoring & Call Evaluation Model. A practical introduction 'how to use Monitoring to improve Call Outcome'.

Contact Center Migration - the best researched and presented CASE report I have seen. (pdf file)




New Sections on this web

Telstra offers "Call Centre on demand"

I. The KPI Corner. real help to develop real metrics for you service centre. (English or Danish).

II. Call Centre Improvement Series 

III. Statistics for the Call Center Industry (US). This collection of call centre research (true/false?) is the most complete overview ever published. ( source: Call Center News).

IV. iCC - Section on Internet enabled Call Centres.

Study of ASIAN growth markets - review.

Cold Calling - How to improve results.

View of South Africa's Call Centre Industry

Case Story of Lufthansa's Global Telesales Centre in Cape Town, SA

  The great productivity MYTH about Call Centres in India

The Australian Federal Court issued a ruling in favour of Stellar, the joint-venture out-sourcing company (22/2/01).

IBM's Corepoint obituary. The rise and fall of Corepoint.

Telebanking. Summary of a 10 Months study for the American Banking Association by FTR Inc.

Interesting Cases or Articles:

"Managing World-Class Call Centers: Site Visit Findings" Interesting US study of well known companies. (Click here ). Cost us$2000, but summary has some vital points.

Brisbane City Council Call Centre. A Case study and a Rating.

  Auckland City Councill Call Centre. A case presentation


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