Telstra offers ‘Call centre solutions on demand’.

(“The Contact Centre in the sky” solutions) by Niels Kjellerup, Editor 21.01.08


The renewed commitment by Telstra to service the Call Centre Industry is a welcome addition to the Industry. At breakfast meetings held in November/December 08 in Australia’s major cities Telstra presented an entire package of offerings:

Web-based call centres solutions, speech recognition, predictive diallers, recording. What is new is that the solutions are offered on demand, i.e. the client doesn’t have to invest in the technology, but can sign up for Telstra’s on demand solutions. This would be an ideal package for Federal and State Government, semi-government organisations, city councils and shires, which often lack the funds, needed to invest in such solutions, but has the budget to cover the operational expenses.

I have not yet had the opportunity to see actual pricing, but suspect that many medium size call centres could upgrade to a web-based contact centre on demand without the need of a major investment. Probably the operational costs will be somewhat higher, just like the ‘old’ Centrix solution. The advantage is the small upfront initial investment.

This is not new technology being offered, but rather tested technology bought from a host of vendors now under the Telstra’s umbrella.

Vendor partners are: Genesys, Avaya, Aspect, Cisco and Nice,


Telstra offering ‘Contact Centre Solutions on demand’ is a fresh, new and innovative idea which the Call Centre Industry will be happy to embrace.

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