Statistics & The Call Centre Industry ( Sales, Lies & Vendors)

Editors note 26.8.99 : This collection of statistics have been compiled & published by Keith Dawson, who publishes Call Center News. If you need current information on call center technology & developments this is, in my view, the best newsletter in the industry. Publishing Call Centre statistics has become a growth industry in itself & the lack of academic analyses of these findings opens the door to many unsubstantiated claims. So be warned, even if these statistics prove the case you want to make, doesn't make it true. Here is what Keith Dawson (  has published :

"Statistics about call centers are generally very hard to find, and hard to make sense of when you see them in a vacuum. For some time we have been collecting the numbers and statistical assertions put forward by various groups, including vendors, researchers, analysts and others.

We believe that in all these stats there is a grain of truth, but that actual meaning is hard to glean; many of these numbers are promoted by people with particular axes to grind. Statistics can, after all, be twisted to mean anything.

Therefore we decline to interpret these stats, and relay them to the readers as we find them. We have edited them to remove loaded words: "skyrocket", "amazing", "boom", etc.

In some cases you will see stats that flat out contradict each other; that has a lot to do with the different methodologies that are used to gather information, as well as sometimes deliberate vagueness's used in describing research results.

We do not vouch for the accuracy of any of the information here. Where possible, we have sourced information back to its originator; in some cases, we have only been able to trace it to the person or group that we heard it from. We have tried to group information on similar subjects, so that some context may emerge in the reading, but that's not always possible.

If you read all these sections straight through, you'll notice that we've repeated some of the stats we've uncovered into several sections. That's because they sometimes relate to more than one subject, and because they look interesting juxtaposed against different, alternative data. Enjoy. (Note clicking to look at this stats will take you off this website)


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