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 Manager's Files

Articles of general interest to Managers

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1. Call Centre Improvement Series ( 11 articles ) by Editor Niels Kjellerup

1a. Why Customer Service Fails

1b. Unions and Call Recording 

1c. The Death of Call Quality Monitoring

1d. Value Creation in Call Centers

1e. First Call Resolution

1f. The Myth and Reality of ROI in Call Centre Investment 

1g. Soviet Style Call Center Management

2. Farewell to customer service - the automated self-service center.  NEW

2a. The Flawed Business Model- How Customer-Wallet focus took over from Customer Focus.

3. The Myth of Customer Loyalty and Customer retention.

4. Perspectives of the Australian Call Centre Boom. by Editor Niels Kjellerup

5.The Coming Call Centre Boom in Asia. by Editor Niels Kjellerup

6. Successful Teams interview with John Wilfore GEBIC

6a. Strategic Leadership Practices for your Call Center by Cynthia Currie

6b. How 'Listening In' Keeps the Customers happy by Nick McLean

7, Brisbane City Council Call Centre - a case study

8. Call Center Productivity by Editor Niels Kjellerup

9. Outsourcing the Customer Contact by Editor Niels Kjellerup

9a The Outsourcing Advantage presented by Zacson Corporation

9b Offshore Outsourcing of Call Centres by Rob O’Malley of Asian Call Centres  

10. Why Call Centres Fail. by Editor Niels Kjellerup

11. Call Centre Sales & Service. How to improve quality by Bob Stevenson

12. Help Desk & Call Centre a comparison by Noel Bruton

13. The Call Centre Managers Job by Editor Niels Kjellerup

14. False Benchmarks by Editor Niels Kjellerup

15. Burnout -The Reality and Myths by Editor Niels Kjellerup

16. Call Centre Productivity & CRM -7 great articles by G. Williams & M. Cusack.

17. Help Desk - Insightful articles.

18. People Skills a Wasted Resource by Allan Horseley MD, ATUG

19. Call Center Staff Turnover - a remedy by John F. Binning & Anthony J. Adorno, The Human Resource Group

20. Call Centres and CTI , a collection of articles

21. Introduction to Database Marketing by Robert Shaw ( Andersen Consulting) in Montreux

22. Size Matters. Looking at Call Centre Dynamics by Sean McPheat, UK.


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