Indian industry calls for call centre licensing review
Added 08.05.02 by Niels Kjellerup.

The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) has called for the Indian authorities to make it easier to set up call centres.

NASSCOM has urged the Indian Department of Telecoms to review licensing procedures in order to remove 'procedural bottlenecks' - it seems that

"The licensing conditions for call centres are being compared to countries such as the Philippines," said Kiran Karnik, President of NASSCOM. "India ranks above the Philippines in terms of manpower availability. However, telecom links and licensing requirements for call centres can be a stumbling block for proposed investment in India."

Approval for setting up call centres should not be customer-specific because each time an outsourcing call centre wins a new client it is required to approach the Department of Telecoms for approval to connect. Instead the licence for connectivity should be specific to a place of presence, or installed capacity at the place of termination.

NASSCOM has recommended that the government permit the sharing of bandwidth for disaster recovery and mission critical applications between multiple entities in order to build confidence among overseas customers.

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