CRM & iCall Centre - NEWS and Interviews

This feature is based on my personal encounter with Vendors and Experts. When I have an opportunity to probe into issues or have a one on one discussion. The listing will be extended when I find subjects I deem of interest to Call Centre managers.


  1. 19 October, 2000. Jack Welch GE's CEO. A collection of articles and speeches on how GE is fast transforming to an e-business model. ( click here for more ).
  2. 04 October, 2000. During a visit in Johannesburg SA in July 2000 I attended a presentation by Bill Durr, Director Global Customer Contact Solutions Rockwell Electronic Commerce. Bill gracefully permitted me to let you have a look at how Rockwell sees the transition from Call Centre to iCall Centre. Click here for the power point presentation 'Navigating Customer Contact Space'.  ( )
  3. 28 April, 2000. Interview with New Enterprise Networks Group MD, South Pacific Region, Steven R Weeks (Click here). Note that in September 2000  this new group changed its name to Avaya (


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