What is CRM, eRM, pRM or iRM?


The vendors to the Call Centre Industry promise us that it will change our lives or at least change the way we go to market. The acronyms tell us we're dealing with an emerging market. Our own experience tells us that major changes take time and the experiences we have all had with just trying to integrate the Call Centre with Sales, Marketing and Service tells us such integration doesn't come easy. It was Oracle CEO Ellison who in a recent, January 2000, interview suggested that the transition to an eBased company was so hard for Oracle that setting up a separate eOracle might have been a better idea. In America we call this problem Functional Integrity or Channel Conflict and it basically means that No one wants to give up existing turf to change the way we go to market. So will CRM actually happen ? You bet and the reason is simply that the Customers demand it and it provides for productivity gains ( cost savings) of a magnitude no one can afford to ignore - when Cutting cost also has the approval of customers it will happen. Is it happening now - probably not. So fasten your seatbelt, but don't let go of your common sense, major change is coming in the name of the customer focussed organisational model and the Call Centre will be right in the middle of the fray. Now you know why this CRM-stuff is so important to you and your Call Centre Managers - its all  about bringing the organisation on-line with the customers, the suppliers, the business partners, the shareholders ad infinitum.

Articles, White papers on CRM, eRM, iRM & pRM :

30.04.00 Frost & Sullivan (US) CRM - End User Survey (not the report, an overview).

30.04.00 Channel Partner Relationship Management (pRM) by Tom O'Oleary & Doug Tanoury.

23.05.00 Fact sheet on US research on CRM & Internet eNabled Call Centers provided by Magic Software (click here)


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