CRM & CRM and the Internet eNabled Call Centre, An Overview.               

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The real question is where is The Call Centre going ? Is it, as suggested by Steven Weeks MD New Enterprise Networks Group of Lucent Technologies, becoming the " Anymedia Customer Information Center " (Note the stress is on information, rather than contact). Apart from the mechanics necessary for handling the anymedia-calls where's the business case, the cost/benefit analyses which warrants the substantial investment to let a Call Centre migrate from a telephony based activity to internet based activity as well. Currently we seem to know the direction, but as the Chinese say " If we don't change direction we might end up where we're headed". Here you'll find a rapid growing number of articles, white papers and ideas about the iCC and how to make the transition from voice based to any digital communication based Call Centre?

Niels Kjellerup, Editor April 29th 2000

Articles about the emerging iCC :

29.04.00. The Web & Call Centers by Keith Dawson, Editor of Call Center News Service.

15.05.00 CRM & The Call Centre by Niels Kjellerup Editor of  The Call Centre Managers Forum.

07.06.00 eCustomer Service by Aspect. This white paper is a PDF file ( you need Acrobat reader - get it here).

25.09.00 The CRM Challenge - from Cost to Revenue Call Centre by Niels Kjellerup Editor of The Call Centre Managers Forum.

05.10.00 CRM Implementation in Australia & NZ. A review of this research report.

04.06.01 Why Customer Service Fails by Niels Kjellerup Editor


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