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CRM & the internet eNabled Call Centre
What is CRM & the internet eNabled Call Centre?

We asked experts and vendors to give us their views.

What is CRM, eRM, pRM or iRM?

How do we get a grip on this concept which basically means focussing on the customer & changing the way we go to market. Here is a collection of articles, views to help you sort this out.

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News & Interviews.
  1. Jack Welch GE shows the way to E-business (articles & recent speeches).
  2. Rockwell E-commerce view on convergence. Meet Bill Durr.
  3. .Lucent is splitting into two companies, Avaya & Lucent- Interview. 


CRM & iCC - Vendor News

A collection of PR-releases from vendors.

Case stories of Call Centres who migrated to i Call Centres.


Last updated on
13 April 2009