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Notes on How to use this Website 

Today the Website has more than 3000 pages and in this past  week had 2740 visitors from 38 countries. I know from the many Emails that you're impatient to find the information you are looking for... Basically the information is edited into 4 categories:

1) Call Center Know How. The Managers Files, The Call Centre Files, The Case Files & The Internet eNabled Call Center.

2) Interaction. The Virtual Experience Exchange, where you can post and answer messages, share experiences & look for new jobs. The Virtual Conference Room.

3) News. Links Page & What's New (Continually updated).

The rating of the Internet links are necessarily my subjective views, but will be guided by the Oasis-principle 1) Simple to use & high information content, 2) NON-greedy, i.e. the site is not continually demanding your attention, but caters to your needs for information, 3) Friendly & relevant and allows you to concentrate on your task of finding answers on a specific subjects.

Outstanding ( ( ( (( , Excellent ( ( ( ( , Very Good ( ( ( ,Average ( ( , Why Bother ( , No L

Why I created this Website.

The first time I searched "Call Center/Centre" on the Alta Vista search engine  I got 2.206.483 matches and felt lost and stupefied, but it gave me the idea for Call Centre Managers Forum Internet website and helped me develop the Oasis-concept.

Please let me explain........

A useful definition of Intelligence is : " The ability to evaluate the relative importance of information in a given situation ". This to me implies that floods of information I cannot digest, makes me feel less intelligent and at times outright stupid.

Often the sandstorms of information on the Internet has had that effect on me - I know there is information of value, but I feel frustrated, because I can’t get to it and I keep seeing Mirages of the Oasis I’m looking for.

This Oasis for Call Centre Managers will continue to grow with more and more articles added and hopefully lots of discussion and experience exchange taking place. Obviously the site will undergo major design changes as you show us, how you like to use it. This week we have added the The Virtual Conference Room.  to the Oasis which will allow you to network with other Call Centre Managers on issues of operational &/or strategic interest.

Finally a warm thank you to our sponsors, who backed up the concept of this site in its conceptual stage.

Niels Kjellerup

Editor & Publisher


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April, 2016