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 Call Centre Links

Rated links to Call Centre Internet sites.

Outstanding ( ( ( (( , Excellent ( ( ( ( , Very Good ( ( ( ,Average ( ( , Why Bother ( , No L

(Rating Criteria described in Notes from The Editor)

most of the Sites are US, other Countries noted.

Call Centre related

ACD Call Center (Online learning center for managers)( ( ( (

Ansapoint (helpful white papers on trunk optimising) ((((

Active Call ( a Rumanian company offering services) ((()

APCCN (Asia Pacific Call Centre News service)( ( ( (

ATA (American Telemarketing Association) ((()

ATA (OZ)(((()

The Call Centre Institute of South Africa (ZA)(((()

Callcenterforums (Ca)(((()

Call Centers ( The free Management Library ; articles & links)(((()

Call Centre City (SA) all about South Africa (((()

Call Center Email list ((()

Call Center Helper (((()

Call Center Learning Center ( ( ( (

CallCenterOps (lot of good know how) (((()

CallCentreVoice (a forum with many good views & discussions)(((()

Call Centers India (probably best first access to India)((()

CCA UK (The Call Centre Association UK) (((()

CCMA UK (The Call Centre Management Association UK) (((()

The CRM GURU (lots of value( ( ( (

Customer Care Coach really excellent for improving your people (((()

Customer Care Institute excellent E-mail newsletter (((()

European Centre for Customer Strategies (Excellent CRM information) ((((

Email in Call Centers ((((

Ethics & The Call Center ((((

FEDMA (Eu) Pan-European Call Centre project ((((

Help Desk Best Practices (UK) (((()

Hong Kong Government Efficiency Unit ((((()

HelpDesk FAQ ( A real Oasis)((((()

The Help Desk Institute ( (()

Help Desk Resources (Scot) (((()

ICCBC (Int. Contact Centre Benchmarking Consortium)(((()

India, list of trainers & call centres (In)( (()

KSBA, interior design of Call Centers (((()

On Line Customer Care ((((

TelePlaza No or little content (()

Tele-M@rk (now CRMXchange) Ok Conference Rooms ((()

Call Centre & Coaching Culture

Human Resources Learning Center ((()

Knowledge Factor (((()

Knowledge Management ((()

Learning-org Dialog (((()

Stanford Learning Organisation Web (((()

Commercial & Job websites

C3JOB (OZ) helping the call centre industry recruit on the web (((( (Ca) ((()

Call Center Exchange (setup by conference organiser IQPC) ((()

Call Center Careers  (Job Xchange on the web) ((( (US)((((

Publications, Call Centre & related

Call Centre focus (UK) ((()

CCNS ( Call Center News Service) Excellent source on technology((((()

C@ll Center Solutions (()

ICB Toll Free News ((()

Paul Budde Newsletter (AU); (((()

Call Center Management Review ((()

The Digest (all about Telco's online) (((()  

The Resource Center, great book buys(((()

TelCall (Au) ((()

Consultants to Call Centres

Angus Telemanagement Group (Can)(((()

The Brady Group (((()

Centre-ing Services (SA) interesting (((()

JoAnna Brandi & Co (coaching & improving)(((()

Impact Learning((()

Incoming Calls Management Institute ((()

InSideKommunikation (DK, in Danish) (((()

Kramer & Associates (good articles) (((()

Paladin Consulting (excellent articles 'News')(((()

Resource International (OZ); ( our own group)

Vanguard Multimedia (UK)(((()

Call Centre Technology (not vendors)

The CT Portal (((()

Telecom Information Resources ((((()

Other valuable resources

Kuro5hin (technology from the trenches)((((() 

The Best Practices  LLC ((() on Benchmarking

Union Network (CH)((()



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 April, 2016

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