Call Center Improvement Series

Call Centre Improvement Series –

Ashgrove, January 17th 2008  , by Niels Kjellerup, Senior partner Resource International & Publisher of this Website. ( This series started December 16th 1999).


Lack of Call Centre know how & common sense is currently giving Call Centre Customer Service a bad name. In fact customers are getting angry… at listening to endless recorded messages telling them how important their time is, at experiencing undermanned Centres with reps who have no or little authority to handle customer problem resolution. All this is clearly reflected in Customer satisfaction surveys from continent to continent. A similar backlash is unfolding in the Call Centre staffing and manning area… staff turnover is skyrocketing, staff satisfaction is plummeting and if the open Call Centre revolt in England ( currently unfolding in National Press & TV) is anything to go by Unions will take a leading role in dictating terms which will make managing Call Centres even more difficult.

All this, in my view, due to mismanagement of Call Centres. The Vendors sold us a pipedream of massive productivity improvements and management bought this piece of blue sky. Somehow Quality of service and focus on Call Outcomes didn’t enter the equation and we have witnessed the mushrooming of Galley Slave Call Centres characterised by high staff turnover and bad or indifferent customer service.

This series of articles will address key issues in moving a Call Centre from Galley Slave mode towards a Coaching Culture. Articles will be added as I find the time.

Listing of articles in this series :

1. Call Outcome – how to monitor and evaluate calls. (22.12.99)

2. Call Recording - the do's and don'ts. (25.10.00).

3. The Quality Evaluation Program.. Beyond Wires and Tapes (12.02.01)

4. Productivity Measures in Call Centres - Quantity versus Quality. ( 07.03.01)

5. Unions and the Benefits of  Call Recording ( 24.05.01)

6. Why Customer Service Fails (04.06.01)

7. The Death of Call Quality Monitoring - 'Sporadic Quality Monitoring', (18.08.01)

8. Value Creation in Call Centres (04.02.02)

9. Beyond Metrics- It's the experience stupid (14.05.02)

10. First Call Resolution -introduction to Quality Management (20.05.02)

11. The Myth and Reality of ROI in Call Centre Investment.(02.06.02)

12. Soviet style Call Centre Management (21.09.03)


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