Joint Venture with Eyretel Asia Limited. 


The Quality Evaluation Program …. Beyond Wires and Tapes!


More and more call centres are installing Call Recording equipment as part of their technology.  There are a variety of reasons why the call recording equipment may be installed in the first place. 

Whatever the initial motivation, many call centres soon realise that it provides the platform for an extremely powerful staff development program.  This is achieved by focusing on evaluation and coaching rather than monitoring. 

Typically, vendors will install the gear, do technical training and then leave the call centre to implement the program on its own.  Call Centre Managers tell us that this is simply not enough.  They are looking for implementation assistance which extends “beyond wires and tapes.” 

On this basis, we have entered into a joint venture with Eyretel Australia Pty Ltd and Eyretel Asia Limited to help call centres maximise their investment in call recording equipment.  We help them develop their own tailored call evaluation program using a structured business model.  By focusing on call outcomes,  they can also link what often starts out as a quality initiative (soft) to the hard business drivers of the call centre …. thus sustaining the quality initiative over time.

The Quality Evaluation Program is an Eyretel and Resource International joint venture to increase call centre productivity by improving quality of call outcomes, staff motivation and performance.  

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