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CLIENT LISTING (Australian only)


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Resource International Pty Ltd is highly skilled and qualified in the rapidly growing fields of Customer Service and Phone Channel Strategies. Focussing on measurable increases in productivity, our professional team can show companies how to develop people and attitudes to improve customer contact and directly link this to providing better service at lower cost.

In response to client demand, we continue to grow our resources in these vital areas. The depth and breadth of the experience and expertise of our team is unparalleled in Australia, and certainly comparable to any in the world. This, coupled with our commitment to excellence in customer service, enables us to provide our clients with the highest quality service.

Our successes come from a combination of methods which we believe are unique in Australia. Wherever possible, we include a heavy focus on work place learning and knowledge sharing. In consulting situations, this means involving clients in the development process and transferring know-how so they understand why and how as well as what. In training and management seminars, it enables people to learn in their own environment using real life circumstances and data. If appropriate, this also includes one-on-one coaching, to ensure change is implemented and newly learned skills are incorporated into daily routines

The resumes of some of our key people are included in this document. We also have an impressive network of professional associates in Australia, Europe and USA; combining to provide a team with the optimum skill mix for each specific project which we undertake.

In Australia, clients include Australian Government Publishing Service, Australia Post, BHP Steel, Campbells Cash & Carry, Credit Union Services Corporation of Australia Ltd, DHL, GIP, Hanimex, Hydro-Electric Commission, James Hardie Building Products, Laminex Industries, Metal Manufactures Merchandising, Metway Bank, NSW Teachers Credit Union, NRMA, Optus, Over 50’s Friendly Society, Parkroyal Group, Qantas Airways Limited, RACQ, RACV, Rydges Hotel Group, Savings and Loan Credit Union, Suncorp, Telstra Mobile, Zurich Australian Insurance …

Clients outside Australia include AT&T, Bank of America, British Telecom, Danish Girobank, Danish Post, Ericsson, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, IBM, Lego, McCaw Cellular, Prospero Insurance, SAS, Toyota Motor Company …..


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The Resource International team has exceptionally broad and deep expertise in the outlined skill areas. Cumulatively, Resource people have ....

established, managed and/or assessed the operations of call centres throughout the world in either a senior management or consultancy role

have experience in a wide range of industries and applications

worked effectively to integrate the phone channel into the overall marketing, communications and sales functions of organisations

researched and written the first documentation in the world on Benchmarking in Call Centres

directly trained hundreds of people (beginners and advanced) in customer service, telesales and account nurturing roles

trained Managers and Supervisors, in customer service, telemarketing, management skill and people skill areas

developed Coaching Models to help call centres make the transition from a Galley Slave to a Human development culture. Implemented coaching & training drills to improve communication skills and relationship building on an ongoing basis

publicly spoken to thousands of people world-wide on customer service issues and telemarketing applications

organised and hosted public workshops and seminar activities aimed at developing a professional call centre industry.


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Resource International Pty Ltd (Resource) offers management consultancy, business development and training of personnel in the areas of customer service and telephone marketing; including recruitment of personnel. Consultancy of this kind can be difficult to budget until a comprehensive brief of the nature of the project has been agreed upon and in depth research into the company and/or area/department of the project has been completed.

For this reason, the first meeting with a new customer, or concerning a new project/assignment be without cost to the customer. The meeting will normally comprise mutual exchange of information (briefing) about the companies and the nature of the project. After this meeting, Resource will submit a report on the meeting. This report will describe the task at hand and appoint the Resource person to be responsible for day-to-day contact with the customer.

Subsequently a project description possibly based on various forms of research will be presented; this will include a description of how Resource proposes to deal with the project as well as budget guidelines. The project description will be presented to the customer in a personal meeting in which the Resource consultant responsible for contact with that customer will be present.

This initial work will be charged according to time spent at a minimum of $2,000 plus possible outlays. The subsequent work will be charged according to time spent. Possible outlays such as analyses, advertising in connection with recruitment assignments and such like, will be charged at an additional 20% to cover administration, financing, risk and responsibility for the project.

Alternatively, the project is carried out at a price agreed through offer after detailed specification of the nature, content and scope of the project. If a project is deemed to exceed the approved budget by more than 10%, this over-expenditure must be approved by the customer before being carried through.

Resource is to have a free hand as regards choice of contractors and partners with whom to co-operate.

Expenditure for customer/project travel, accommodation, transport, equipment rental and any other incidentals which have not been provided for in the project description, offer or budget, will be settled separately.

Should the customer halt or cancel an agreed project before completion, Resource is entitled to invoice for all time spent and other expenses in connection with the project/ assignment without further documentation of these. Training days cancelled, deferred or rescheduled will be charged at 50% of the agreed rate; where this cancellation or rescheduling occurs within 14 days of commencement of the project, the agreed amount will be paid in full.

Payment for training days is required in advance to confirm the booking. Allocation of necessary personnel, equipment etc cannot be made until payment has been received. The terms of payment are nett 7 days from date of invoice. Should this be exceeded, 1.5% of the amount invoiced will be added per month to the amount due or project cancelled.



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CLIENT LISTING ( Australian only, alphabetically)

Australian Government Publishing Service

Australia Post

BHP Steel

Boral Montoro Pty Ltd



Dell Computer

DHL International

Goodman Cannington Prince

Haminex Pty Ltd

Hydro-Electric Commission

Inchcape Office Products


Laminex Industries

Mercury Press

Metal Manufactures Merchandising

Nissan Australia


NSW Teachers Credit Union

Pacific Publications

Qantas Airways Limited


RACV Insurance

Rothschild Australia

Southern Pacific Hotels Group

Suncorp-Metway Limited

Sydney Electricity

Systems Union Pty Ltd

Telco Australia

Telstra Mobile Services

Trade Service of Australia

University Credit Union

Wards Skyroads

Western Suburban Publications


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