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About Niels Kjellerup, Senior Partner and Editor of The Call Centre Managers Forum

Niels Kjellerup established Resource International world-wide, 19 years ago. Through his experience with a leading European business publication, he became involved in direct selling and marketing on the telephone. He soon realised the huge impact of the telephone in the Customer Contact Process; and the double-edged benefit of the telephone as a sales, service and marketing medium.

Niels is well known world-wide as an expert in Business Development, focusing on directly measurable increases in productivity and customer retention using the phone channel.

In 1988, Niels founded the European Telephone Marketing Symposium. He has spoken at DMA and ATA Conferences in the USA; at Montreux and in Australia, at the Pan-Pacific Direct Marketing Symposiums and ATUG. He is well known for his unique style and ability to move large corporations into pro-active marketing situations. In 1997 Niels created the Call Centre Managers Forum Website to provide Call Centre Know How on the Internet. Since 1999 Niels has travelled extensively in Asia and in June-July 2000 he conducted seminars in Beijing, Singapore, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur & Johannesburg. Recently Niels has undertaken a series of Seminars & Presentations  for an  International Telco's Key Account Clients on CRM & Call Centre business development, this included speaking at Telecom 99 in Geneva and presentations at Board Level during 2000 (for more on CRM & Call Centres see these articles).

Contact :

Email nk@callcentres.com.au

Voice : +61 7 3805 4643;  Mail: 31 Montrose Avenue, Bethania, Queensland 4205 Australia.

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