About Resource International Pty Ltd.


Our Services :

Resource International offers a complete range of Customer-focused services to its clients, including ....

assisting organisations to identify and establish alternative sales channels, specifically to lower cost while improving customer service. Mapping of the Customer Contact Process (CCP) facilitates the development of the strategies and provides the only customer-based integration platform for such sales re-engineering.

assisting vendors in understanding the needs of Clients for call centre solutions to improve Sales, Service Delivery and Internet eNabled support and helping build viable Business Models to cost justify investments & ensure a reasonable ROI.( references TDC (TeleDenmark), Dimension Data, Ericsson, Eyretel, Genesys & Avaya (Lucent).

providing Managers with an understanding of methods which will increase productivity while greatly improving customer service levels (caring for customers) and developing the skills and potential of people within the organisation.

especially skilled in the area of developing the call centre's greatest asset, human potential, to maximise productivity.

how to get management and staff working together to further Human Development and to ensure training is on going to help overcome personal barriers in communication and relationship building. What is coaching, what to coach, how to develop training drills and get training & help applied in the daily running of a call centre. (based on Professor Herzberg article 'One more time, how do you motivate your people')

providing organisations with a true understanding of their customers' expectations and perceived satisfaction levels in light of those expectations.

assessment of relevant internal and external, group and individual, performance measurement criteria and establishment of appropriate evaluation and reporting methods and timing; based on world class benchmarking models.

assessment of all aspects of call centre performance with view to refocus the activity from a cost centre to a revenue generation unit.


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