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 Call Centre (Managers) Associations - we will list all such group world wide.

Welcome to this page of Associations planet wide. You can use this page to locate a club, a network or an association in your country. To be listed here the association must be non-profit, have a membership for call centre managers & work to build a call centre industry in its region or area. (just click for your region).

Asia Pacific ( 5 listings )

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North America ( 1 listing )

South America

Purpose of a Call Centre Managers Association

The primary purpose of a CCMA is to provide a networking Forum for Call Centre Professionals, to encourage experience exchange and to gain wider recognition of the call centre profession by providing formally recognised educational Courses and Certificates.

Secondarily a CCMA will assist its members by providing information and advice relating to such issues as Privacy, Telephone Direct Selling, Use of Predictive Dialers. The CCMA will make informed presentations to State and Federal Government Bodies and work with other Associations, such as the Australia Direct Marketing Association in the best interest of the Direct Marketing Industry.

The Benefits of a CCMA membership, (what your membership fee buys.)

As each State CCMA develops different initiatives and projects will be offered to the local membership and if successful hopefully shared with the other States, so you're best off by checking on the specific benefits for your State CCMA. However all CCMA's agree on the following principles: 

1)To Provide networking opportunities for Call Centre Professionals,

2) To Find ways to share Call Centre experiences

3) To Enhance the Call Centre Profession by providing recognised career development opportunities.

4) To provide an Internet Platform to allow alternative forms of networking at low cost.

How to register and become a member ? 

Just visit the website listed and send Email. I can't take registration here, but I'll gladly list new Associations.

 ( Note that all the above is my version of what the CCMA stands for, and might change as the CMMA adopts official Policies and Mission statements.


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 February , 2016

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