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Call Recording – Delegates recommend national action

Our Feedback

Based on feedback from members, our C&C union delegates decided on Monday night to keep national stoppage action in reserve.

Instead, delegates will be putting a proposal for the consideration of our CPSU Section Council for a continuation of our existing campaign based on protecting members from Call Recording.


Members will be authorised to:

  1. Manually block all calls being recorded.
  2. In case a team leader overrides the block, ask each customer ‘Do you want this call tape recorded?’
  3. Take National stoppage action in the event that Call Recording is used to either discipline a CPSU member, or members are disciplined for participating in the authorised actions in 1. or 2. above."

If members have any comments or concerns about this proposal please ask your delegate to forward them on to us via the numbers below. We continue to call on management to negotiate call recording in EBA 2000 and to make participation by staff voluntary, and with agreed guidelines.

For more information contact the CPSU on 0500 828 838.

Authorised by Adrian O'Connell, Secretary, Communications Section ~ 25 September 2000

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