Information on Web Sponsorship.

(These conditions may be changed at any time without prior notice 04/08 2005)

Background :

When the Call Centre Managers Forum Website was set up in 1996/97 as an Oasis to help Call Centre managers by providing Know How I didn't imagine that 3 years later this Website would attract an audience of 3-700 individual visitors from the Call Centre Industry every day year round. To help Vendors reach their target audience we have developed this sponsorship package  Global vendors. 

Sponsorship Package :

  1. A listing as a sponsor on every major page ( 12 in all) with link to own Homepage.
  2. 2 banner adds on a major page (one on top of one page and one at the bottom of another place).
  3. A vendor News page, where all PR is published unedited
  4. Access to weekly or monthly Web traffic Statistics
  5. Listing of special vendor events on the Event page.

The fee for the 12 months sponsorship is $US 14,000 in advance.

For Australian sponsors please add 10% GST; a Tax Invoice will be issued.


Contact :


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