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Summary: Access to the KPI-Corner website is free. The only requirement is that you are a manager in a customer service centre.

When you have completed the application form you will received by Email the access codes & URL or in case of a declined application you will receive a personal email.

The purpose of the KPI-Corner web pages is to establish an online consulting service making my know-how & experience available to you even though I’m physically locate in Australia.

Yes, I would like access to the KPI-Corner (link here to application form)


I have established the KPI-Corner to give professional assistance to Customer Service Managers in establishing measurements (KPI’s), which better reflect ‘the customer experience’ & assist in documenting ‘the value of the customer interaction’ to the rest of the organisation and especially to senior management. (Senior management needs documentation of how service delivery adds value to the business model).

It’s a matter of considerable urgency first and foremost to realise that the existing Idiotic IT Measures is distorting and destroying the goals of service delivery. These operational statics are useful to estimate call volumes and staffing levels, but are as useless to document ‘Customer & Call Outcomes’ as a using a salesman’s driving logbook to estimate his monthly sales revenue. These Idiotic IT Measures is of no use to judge 1) the customer experience, 2)the customers future value to the organisation in terms of sales/profit nor 3) the value of the service reps engagement with the customer on behalf of the company.

There is direct correlation between applying these wrong measures to manage a service centre and the service employee’s lack of motivation, self-esteem and productivity. Staff turnover figures are the final confirmation that service delivery is being mismanaged by elevating call traffic statistic to being a reflection of how  well the customer is served.

The KPI-Corner is no holiday camp.

I make my know-how and consulting time available to those interested in paying for my services. Together we develop KPI’s to any customer service centre, which are relevant and will help senior management to better understand and appreciate 1) the importance of good customer service and 2) the values created by service delivery to the benefit of each individual organisation and company.

It is necessary for you to get real value of my on-line professional service, that you have a good grasp of what goes wrong in a Galley-slave service centre and that you are willing to work closely with me in mapping and understanding the separate parts of the customer contact process, which is routed through your service centre.  

Access to the KPI-Corner website is free, and I can promise you that your Email address will only be used by me to keep you updated on new issues on the website & send you the new password when it changes.


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I hope to see you on the KPI-Corner website.


Niels Kjellerup


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