The Hallis report : " Call Centre Staff Salary Survey 1998 ".

A review by Niels Kjellerup Editor.

This is a unique Survey of the pay levels across Australian Call Centres. Similar studies have been undertaken but due to weak samples have not been really representative and have failed to outline the methodology used to evaluate the information. Managing Director Steven Hallis and the staff of Hallis are to be congratulated on financing and producing this valuable report, much improved from the 1997 Salary Survey.

The Hallis report will be of value to call centre managers anywhere in the world, not for the specific salary levels but for understanding the pay level differences between In- & Outbound, managers, supervisors, trainers, reps, support staff and temps.

For those of you who are interested Hallis offers several specialist reports and Kits free to Australian Companies - click here for more information.

Summary of report :

1. About Australia Call Centres. This section has a wealth of information about average position size, degree of automation, supervisor to rep ratio, career management, salary review strategies, flexible work scheduling, rewards schemes & staff turnover. Probably the best snapshot of the Call centre Industry in Australia.

3. The actual salary figures for individual positions - healthy for Management to compare own salary cost to what others pay and of course a great help to anybody actually planning to establish a Call Centre and need the costing figures.

Lots of interesting and some surprising positions created in Australian call centres to handle the needs of customers wanting transaction and information access.

3. The actual job descriptions included are of great use for us all and contributes to building up much needed Know How in the area of Job Descriptions.

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