Call Centre Productivity & CRM

This series of articles was first published at The authors Graham Williams and Michael Cusack have kindly allowed me to republish.

In my view they constitute the best argued case against adopting Vendor originated Measurements for your Call Centre I have come across.

Enjoy, Niels Kjellerup Editor & Senior Partner of Resource International. Ashgrove March 7th 2001.


  1. A short Guide to Service Measurements.
  2. Smoothing Interdepartmental Interfaces For Improved Service Delivery
  3. Is the Role of the Telephone Declining ?
  4. CRM or MRC ?
  5. Internal CRM : ERM for Internal Customers
  6. Internal ERM : Exploring the Castle Model
  7. Building Loyalty with Internal Customer.
  8. Lessons from the Past for Customer Service Centres.


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