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Jack Welch CEO GE (USA)- A Collection of interviews & speeches.

Background : If you want to know more about future trends in Corporate Strategies in the USA my advise would be to follow, study and learn from Jack Welch CEO of GE. The most admired corporation and the most admired CEO in US history. Finally it seems, its no longer neutron-Jack, instead his legacy will be, that he showed Wall Street how Brick & Mortar takes on Dot COM and comes out ahead. Jack Welch has demonstrated how the current in-vouge b2b business model is seriously flawed in its attempts to replace the 'current' middle man with a 'new dot com' middle man by blazing his own GE-trail based on Brand, proven reliability & trusting relationships - there is no need for a middle man in Jack's e-b2b model. When he retires at the AGM April 2001 he will be known as c-Jack (c for Customer), the man who combined the qualities of Six-Sigma and the speed of e-business to take time & cost out of the Customer Contact Process. 

So, I decided to share with you my  modest collection of Jack Welch speeches and interviews hoping that they would give you the same pleasures and insights they have given me.

Niels Kjellerup Editor, October 19th 2000.


Jack Welch Speeches to shareholders at GE Annual Shareholders Meetings. 

  1. Annual Shareowners Meeting, Atlanta, April 25, 2001.
  2. GE and the Internet -- April 26, 2000
  3. A Company To Be Proud Of -- April 21, 1999
  4. A Learning Company And Its Quest for Six  Sigma -- April 23, 1998
  5. First Annual Shareholder Meeting chaired by CEO Jack Welch April 1981.

Informal Talk between  Scott McNealy, Sun CEO and GE's Jack Welch ( from Fortune Magazines archives)

How GE's Chief rates and Spurs His Employees - WSJ interview 21st June 1999.( From WSJ Archives)

Changing the Corporate DNA - Forbes Global July 24th 2000 ( click here )

Changing GE: Lessons Learned From Along the Way -- April 1, 1998 by Dennis D. Dammerman, Vice Chairman and Executive Officer GE 

Destructive Behavior. How GE embraced e-business. From CIO Magazine July 15, 2000 ( click here )


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