Analysis of Employee Turnover & Job Performance for Call Center Representatives.

submitted by The DeGarmo Group IL USA. Authors: Anthony J. Adorno, M.S. & John F. Binning, Ph.D.

Reviewed 28 April 1999 by Niels Kjellerup, Editor & Senior Partner of Resource International.

Background :  This 62-page report is unique in both its scope and its academically responsible attempt to describe and identify the  sources of high staff turn over in Telemarketing & Customer Service Call Centers. The report is for sale at  for US $50 or contact

Review : The study clearly outlines its 3 objectives

Objective 1: Identify important personality and affective characteristics that are critical to successful performance for both Telemarketing and customer service representatives.

Objective 2: Determine the most common job duties of call center representatives

Objective 3: Identify sources of job frustration for the call center representative positions which likely lead to voluntary turnover.

This report is not an easy read and for those Call Center Managers interested in an easy fix, none is provide. But in term of depth and accuracy this study is Milestone in locating sources of stress and dissatisfaction relevant to improving job quality & hiring procedures. It identifies the key areas of mismanagement and the needs of both the telesales and customer service reps. It provides the blueprint to the Toxic Call Center ( read about it here). The scientific methodology used is well described, documented and denotes a welcome change to the anecdotal evidence which until now has permeated the Call Center Industry.

What the report does not look at is the causes of toxic management practices in Call Centers( more articles here),   but it presents a convincing case for improving recruitment procedures, better job descriptions and profiling of jobs and it will help you understand and identify the skills and abilities which makes for a better representative.

Final note : The authors are both HR consultants working with a proprietary, very sophisticated skills assessment methodology system and it's natural that the report lacks focus on how to improve Call Center People Management skills, but the findings are first rate and should be required reading for any Manager.


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