This note was written to help a group of Chinese sales reps on a Coaching & Training Course I conducted for a client in Hong Kong. According to the Call Centre Supervisor it led to a noticeable change in attitude and a renewed interest in learning. Niels Kjellerup Editor & Senior Partner in Resource International..

Professionalism, what it is:

"It is the attitude and ability to make things go right regardless of circumstances."

Let's us look at what this means :

It means you, as a personal attitude always look at ways to make happen what you want to make happen, rather than look for excuses which others might accept.

• The professional is not only professional in one area of life but in most or all areas of life.

• Professionals spend time to make sure she understands the purpose of an undertaking.

Asking questions like " What am I trying to achieve, and why ". Then she looks at methods or approaches to achieve this purpose.

 The best way to judge a professional is by looking at the results. That is the statistical measurements agreed upon to reflect to what degree a goal or purpose is achieved.

If you want to improve your own performance and become more professional look at, learn and listen to the people currently achieving the best results. Look for the detail, how does she spend her time, compare to what you do. Ask " What can I learn from this". Do I want to change myself to achieve this".

One of the reason your manager or supervisor has got to that position is because of demonstrated results, so maybe you should listen to advise here?

False Professionalism : Most often occurs when you're are looking for excuses to not becoming professional and looking for a fool proof excuse, to explain why your results are not the best.

Using an expert quote out of context: For example I do seminar and training sessions and often hear something I have said, used to explain lack of results and unprofessional behaviour. That is simply finding an excuse and dressing it up as a very good reason not to improve and get professional results.

Summary : If you're new to a job like 'appointment setting on the phone' the best attitude you can have is : 1) I  need to learn quickly, 2) Find out what you need to learn to produce good results , 3) Learn from those with a good result record and 4) Learn to change your attitude. because that will determine your behaviour and results.

Niels Kjellerup, Hong Kong February 26'th 1999


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