Hallis Contact Centre Salary Survey 2000-2001. Price AUD$400 (+ GST for Oz residents).

Review by Niels Kjellerup Editor October 12th 2000.

The Hallis report is a treasure of valuable information. While Geographically limited to Australia it is the best, I have seen anywhere, in the world ( US included). It helps planner do realistic salary budgets for greenfield Call Centres. It helps anyone in the Industry who wants to know what salary levels are for different positions and most of all it helps identify the numerous different job tasks in a call centre.

The methodology is quite impressive and salary levels are not just averaged out but given as median and high and low quartiles.

The level of  details is amazing, as I hope to illustrate by showing the Table of Contents below.

Executive Summary - explains methodology types of Jobs and levels covered.

About Survey Respondents - by Industry, by Location and by Technological level

Staffing - team leader to rep ratio, temporary hourly rate of pay, shift loading working hours

Remuneration strategy - factors determining remuneration, salary trends, salary review mechanisms

Position Outlines

  1. Customer Service Officer, Telesales Rep+ bonus payments.
  2. Help Desk & HR Help Desk
  3. Credit Collection
  4. Reservation
  5. Team leaders
  6. Supervisors
  7. Call Centre Managers
  8. HR Managers
  9. Scheduling & Rostering
  10. Campaign Coordinators & Sales Support
  11. Training officers
  12. Customer relations Specialists
  13. Quality Specialists & Workforce analyst
  14. Management Bonus payments

If you're in the Call Centre Industry this survey is for you. Your staff would like to know the salary figures too. The actual Australian Dollar figures might not translate directly, but the pay level differences in job and responsibility level provide an excellent guideline comparison both for the European and US - Call Center Industry.

I'm grateful to Hallis Marketing Manager Judy Davie for agreeing to let us sell this Salary Survey in our bookstore ( Until we have the secure payment system operating you can Email me here nk@callcentres.com.au ).

For more about Hallis click here.

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