Customer Relationship Management CRM. Strategy and Implementation in Australian and New Zealand. Published August 2000 by Price AUD$ 765.-

Review October 2000 by Editor Niels Kjellerup

This report is valuable on two fronts:

I. It clearly outlines the painful process organisations must endure to get to grips with the fact that a CRM strategy is NOT a software solution, but a strategic transformations from an analog organisational decision making process to a digital virtual now-reality. Most companies (46%) find it fairly easy to develop the strategic platform for CRM, but less than 5 % of respondents have implemented this strategy. To get the cost savings from a CRM solution its necessary to take time out of existing decision-making & fulfilment processes and overcome Functional Integrity & channel conflict barriers. This is senior management territory. All respondents seem to agree that without complete senior management backing CRM implementation will be stillborn. The question is does the CEO fully understand the implications of becoming a digital organisation? ( For an interesting insight into how CEO Jack Welch GE is tackling this matter read here). This report is full of valuable practical lessons learned.

II. The background briefing provided by the research sponsors provides food for thought. This report outlines the methodology & pitfalls that anyone working on developing a CRM strategy needs to take into account and is a handbook for a comprehensive CRM Strategy and as such the lessons learnt provides a good shortcut. BUT remember the proof is in the pudding and I have seen no or very few CRM implementations with an acceptable ROI. Sure customers says they are satisfied but what about cost savings and revenue?


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