The Asia Pacific Call Centre Industry Study   by CCR  April 1999. Price AUD$ 4.995.-

If your interested in Asia Pacific Region's Call Centre Industry then this report is for you. It gives you a very direct picture of the sophistication of the Call Centre Industry in each country, what industries are all ready using call centres to service their customers  . The study shows you that the call centres in the region are relatively small. More than 50% have less than 30 staff. Call blending dominates. Comparing salary levels, skill levels and language capabilities gives you a good idea of cost and potential.

Call Centre by Industry shows-  Finance & Banking 19%, Transport & Freight 15%, Business services 13%, Hospitality 13%, IT&T 10%, Manufacturing 9%, Insurance 9%, Retail/Wholesales 6%, Utilities 3%, Government 3%, Call Centre Outsourcer 3%, Health 1%, Entertainment 1%.It's obvious that Governments in Asia are lagging behind Australia & NZ, so we can expect a boom in this area. In fact Customer Service levels in Asia are pretty miserable, as anyone who travels frequently to the region can attest, and in my opinion the majority of customer service centres are set-up and operated by US, Eu or Australia companies - (read article 'Call Centre Boom in Asia').

The report gives you an insight into each countries Call Centre Industry and allows you to compare your existing call centre with the Norm for that country. For strategic planners in the US or Europe looking at setting up in the Region this report is ideal in that it also introduces you to the areas Investment Office and tells you what kind of subsidies to expect. Its interesting that Mainland China was excluded because Call Centre usage is comparatively low.

Let's look at the Content :

1. Overview section compares the different countries. a) Call Centres in review, b) Call Centre costs, c) Technology in use, d) Telephony, e) Infrastructure.

2. Listing for each country includes  a-e and more specific information.

The report is clearly assembled by a Call Centre Expert who understands what the real issues are.

Review by Niels Kjellerup, Editor 3 may 2000


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