Towards the Perfect Call Centre. The design and fit-out of the Call Centre Environment (Australia) by CCR. April 2000. Price AUD$825.-

This newly released research could act as a handbook in how to set-up or re-design a Call Centre - from strategy to implementation. As an example : It identifies the decision drivers  1) Business is expanding 69,2%, 2) Consolidation of existing call centres 64,2%, 3) Higher level of customer service 38,5%, 4) Cost reduction of customer service 30,8% & 5) Wanting to create a cultural change 30,8% ( the figures added up shows that more than one reason often drives this).

Not only a fairly complete blueprint, but in addition the report has 10 really good case studies giving life & blood to the intellectual input. As a Call Centre Consultant I would like all my clients to have this report to understand the complexity of setting up a call centre. Commendable work.

Let us have a look at the Content :

Part A. Introduction and Methodology (covers strategy, the four models)

Part B. The detailed design considerations.

1) Business decision process, 2) Assignment of task, 3) Business needs analysis, 4) Site selection, 5) Leasing of site, 6) Schematic/Conceptual design, 7) Detailed plans and tender, 8) Approval and legal considerations, 9) Construction of Call Centre, 10) On-going facilities management, 11) Costing and impact of fit-out.

Part C. Case studies. (MLC, IBM, Compaq Computer Australia, IT Industry, Travel Industry, Leisure Industry, Thorn Australia, Vodafone, Connect Interactive Business Centre, Inland Revenue NZ).

Review  by Niels Kjellerup Editor, 3 May 2000.


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