The Call Centre Managers Research File.

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Background : The Call Centre research listed here is extraordinaire in that it has broad value to Call Centre Managers & strategic planners, rather than vendors. For each research report I have written a review, which allows you to judge its content and benefits to you. Many research companies publish studies of The Call Center Industry, but to my knowledge is the only researcher dedicated only to Call Centres Surveys and it shows in the details and the issues being highlighted.

Niels Kjellerup, Editor & Publisher, 9th of February 2005.


Research List : ( for more details click the title). Note 10% GST added for Australian purchases.

1. 2004 Call Centre Industry Benchmark Study – Dynamic Asian Markets. Latest on the Asia call centre growth markets China, Korea, India & Philippines. Price AUD$1995.-

2. Towards the Perfect Call Centre. The design and fit-out of the Call Centre Environment (Australia) by CCR. April 2000. Price AUD$ 825.-

Covers the entire process of setting up a call centre from strategy to implementation, budgets, costings & shows how the different responders succeeded in completing the task and to what satisfaction level. A do-it yourself Guide.

3. The Asia Pacific Call Centre Industry Study  by CCR. April 1999. Price AUD$ 4,995.- Single country report price AUD$ 795.-

A unique report covering all major countries in the Region - Australia,  Hong Kong, India, Indonesia,  Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand & The Philippines. Gives you a snaps shot of the Call Centre Industry in each country as to size, wages, operational focus, staffing levels, skills etc. If you're looking to understand this region from a call centre perspective, this is the report to buy.

4. The Australia Call Centre Location Study by CCR, March 1999. Price AUD$ 545.-

This is a specialised report focussed on Australia only. Rich in details of the issues confronting anyone looking to locate or re-locate a call centre in Australia.

5. Australian Call Centre Report - Workplace Stress Study by CCR, July 1998. AUD$ 545

This in an interesting report based on interviews with Call Centre staff. Its operational in nature, but allows you to compare what's happening in your call centre with your staff to the overall answers. Stress factors, turnover, motivational issues. Very valuable in the education of a Manager as to what issues are important to the staff.

6. Australian Call Centres, The Consumers Perspective by CCR February 1998. Price AUD$ 545.-

A refreshing idea to ask the Customers how they experience 'using' call centres. No big surprises, however valuable data on how customers perceive IVR & other automated services. And an good insight into why customers call you in the first place.

7. Customer Relationship Management. Strategy and Implementation in Australian and new Zealand. Published August 2000 by Price AUD $ 765.-

A useful guidebook for CRM implementation and its pitfalls. Clearly documents why organisations struggle with CRM unless it leads to a transformation of the Customer Contact Processes ( read the article CRM & The Call Centre).


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