2004 Call Centre Industry Benchmark Study – Dynamic Asian Markets.

Review by Niels Kjellerup February 8th 2005.


This study gives a very good snap shot of the Call Centre Industry in China (including Hong Kong), Korea, India and the Philippines.

It not only documents the average cost-structure of operating a Call Centre, but also outlines the level of technological sophistication in each country.

Of interest are the projected growth rates with India leading by predicting 60% in the next year followed closely by Philippines & China both predicting a growth rate above 50%.

Korea represents the mature market – primarily servicing its own customers.

The immaturity of these emerging Call Centre markets is best reflected in very high staff-turnover figures revealing a great need or lack of Call Centre management experience. While both India and Philippines base their growth expectations on very low labour costs it appears the growth in China will primarily come from a growing demand for customer service internally.

For a vendor looking for new markets this study represents a valuable blueprint not to be missed.


Note: The report can be purchased on-line at www.callcentres.net


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